Welcome to the MyFantasyLeague.com Blog

MyFantasyLeague.com has been hosting fantasy football leagues since 1995, and we’ve been steadily growing and improving every year since. Currently, we are the home to thousands of leagues and are proud to be perhaps the most feature-rich fantasy football league management system available. Over the years, we’ve listened to literally thousands and thousands of suggestions from our customers and have turned a ton of those ideas into new features on our site. We love all of the new and cool features as much as our customers do, but we also realize that one side effect of offering such a wide range of features is that our system has become rather complex! And we realize that can be both good and bad. 🙂

With that in mind, we’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of years improving our system by making features easier to find and use, as well as adding more documentation and building up our community message boards to allow customers to help each other and share ideas and tips as much as possible.

This blog will hopefully be another step in the right direction of helping our customers by providing a way for us to inform all of you about the latest news and happenings at MyFantasyLeague.com, including tips and tricks about features and options that you may not have discovered yet! We’ll discuss our products and offerings as well as the fantasy football industry in general, and throw in some advice and along the way and share our own experiences that we’ve enjoyed over the years.

Welcome and have a great season!

Mike Hall – MyFantasyLeague.com



One Response to “Welcome to the MyFantasyLeague.com Blog”

  1. keith guiste Says:

    this looks like yet another great addittion to the MFL universe. will you be adding a link directly from our league home pages?

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