Refer a Friend and Earn $20 has always relied on word-of-mouth support for our site. It’s a powerful force, and we sincerely appreciate all of the enthusiasm from our commissioners and their willingness to spread the word about our league management system. We know there are a lot of owners and participants in our leagues that are involved in more than one fantasy football league every year (based on our end-of-year survey results, over 50% of owners in our leagues are in more than one league). There’s even a fair number of fanatics that participate in 5 or more leagues! That’s showing some real passion for your hobby 🙂

As a way to show thanks to owners as well as commissioners when spreading the word about MyFantasyLeague, we’ve introduced a special promotion for the rest of June. You can earn a quick $20 Amazon gift card just by referring another new league to!

So if you are a member of more than one league, and some of your other leagues are hosted at a different site, now is the perfect time to do some recruiting and convince the commissioner to make the switch. They’ll thank you for upgrading their fantasy football league experience this season, and you’ll enjoy the ease and convenience of viewing and accessing all of your leagues right here on

Or if you’ve been thinking about starting a second league for your friends and co-workers, now is the ideal time to get started. And of course if you know anybody else that is thinking about creating a league on, this is also the perfect opportunity to give them a nudge and earn yourself $20 for your efforts! Click here for the full details of the offer.



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