Top Adds/Drops

If you believe in the wisdom of crowds concept, then one very useful report for researching player is the “Tops Adds/Drops” report on the “Reports > Players” submenu. This started out as a separate report for adds and drops, but we recently combined it into a single report so you can view them both side by side. It’s basically a summary of all of the players with the most add/drop activity across all of the leagues on our site. So it gives you a great feel for what other owners are doing with their roster, and makes you aware of who the hottest players pick-ups are and who’s being dumped as well. Granted, this report may be more useful during the season when most leagues open up their waiver wire, but you can get the idea of what it represents and how useful it will be even now with the current data from the preseason.

In addition to showing you who’s hot now, it’s also an interesting report to look back on to see what happened in previous weeks. For example, in 2007 Week 8 last year, Ryan Grant had his first 100 yard rushing game and emerged on the scene out of nowhere. The following week, as you can see in this report from our sample league, owners in 82% of leagues picked him up and Deshawn Wynn was dropped by owners in 47% of leagues! Hopefully you were one of the lucky ones to grab Grant before the rush…

Today we enhanced the report even more by adding a filter to view only Free Agents that are available to be picked up in your league. Just click on the “Any Status” pull down menu at the top and change it to “Free Agents” to get this view. Happy studying!


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