Hot Player News Home Page Module

We added a new home page module called “Hot Player News”. This gives you a list at a glance of the players whose names are in the news the most in the past few days. You can use it as guideline to figure out what players might be of interest for various reasons.

For example, as of right now, the top player on the list in this new home page module is Kevin Jones. Makes sense because he’s a sought after NFL free agent. But ironically, a lot of the other players on the list are there not so much for (fantasy) football related reasons:

Here are the next 4 players: Marshawn Lynch – hit and run. Brandon Marshall – arrested for battery. Javon Walker – beaten and robbed in the middle of the night. Jevon Kearse – DUI. You get the idea 😦 We jokingly considered calling this module something else like the “most unfortunate” or “most disappointing” or “most pathetic” player news, or even the “Top 10 players most likely to be involved in something their moms wouldn’t be proud of” or “players that probably should have known better” . But hopefully “hot player news” will be fitting enough to make sense more often than not from a fantasy perspective!



2 Responses to “Hot Player News Home Page Module”

  1. Bob Andrews Says:

    Mike (and all)

    This blog is a great idea, and sort of over due. Ever since the message/support board changed to a ‘user to user’ thing I’ve missed the involvement of the MFL team. This blog is a good way to keep up with the latest features and news that I might miss when it gets buried in the message board.

    Thanks again for all your team does. Without MFL I’d have given up this commissioner thing a long time ago!

  2. James LaMacchia Says:

    Great idea, i also miss the involvement of the MFL team.

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