Fantasy Pool Picks

We added a new Fantasy Pool option to the Pool Setup screen.  This allows leagues to conduct a Fantasy Pool very similar to how the NFL Pool options currently work.  The commissioner can choose either a Confidence style pool or a straight Pick ‘Em style pool.

In case you aren’t already familiar with these types of pools, they add another fun weekly element of competition to your league.  With the previously available NFL pools, it allows owners to select which NFL teams will win each week, and keeps track of a running total throughout the season.  With these new fantasy pools, it allows owners to select which Fantasy teams will win their head to head match-ups each week, and keeps track of the total throughout the season.  It’s a great way to crank up the trash talking and let all of the owners try to predict which teams will come out on top of the fantasy schedule each week.

The Fantasy Pick ‘Em Pool is a simple weekly prediction of which fantasy team will win their game.  So each owner will make one pick per game on the fantasy schedule every week.  The Fantasy Confidence Pool adds another element of strategy by assigning a “confidence” point value to the winner of each fantasy game.  So if your league has 12 teams, and you have 6 fantasy games on the schedule each week, then each owner will be assigning values from 1 through 6 (each point value can only be used once) in addition to picking the winner of each game.  Of course, you should assign the the highest point value (6 in this example) to the game you are most confident of, and so on until you assign a point value of 1 to the game you are least sure about.

Enjoy the extra pool options!  There is a corresponding new Home Page module for the Fantasy Pool picks as well.


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2 Responses to “Fantasy Pool Picks”

  1. Neil "Irish_Flyers" Says:

    Thanks so much for adding this feature. Love all the additions here I’ve been reading about. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. commishkeg Says:

    GREAT !! i’ve been hoping for this , MFL continues to stay far ahead of the competition. great job once again.

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