More Player News

For quite a few years, we’ve had a great source of player news on our site from the folks at KFFL.  If anything happens to a player in the NFL, you can be sure they are on top of it and will report it with a news update on our site as soon as it happens!  KFFL covers the NFL news scene as well as anybody in the industry, which is why we’ve relied on them as the centerpiece of our NFL news source.

In addition to KFFL, we’ve also teamed up with Rotoworld for the past couple of years to provide additional player news and analysis.  They add a fantasy-centric perspective to all of the news and happenings around the NFL, so their NFL player news enhances and expands on the in-depth coverage that KFFL provides.

And now the exciting part — we’ve recently added several other sources of player news and fantasy content to enhance our coverage and provide you with even more fantasy news and valuable information at your fingertips each and every day!  We’ll expand on all of this in future posts, but for now we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added player news and information from several other top-notch sources.  In no particular order, these are the additional sources of news and articles that you’ll see in your league now:  Rotowire, The Huddle, Fantasy Fanatics, FF Toolbox, and FF Champs.

You’ll have access to all of these news sources on the usual news page in your league, accessible from the “Reports > NFL > News Articles” menu.  You’ll also see the news on the player pages when you click on a player name from anywhere on the site.  We’ll continue to enhance the fantasy news and content available to you throughout the season, and we’ll update you here with all of the new developments as they happen.



6 Responses to “More Player News”

  1. valhallan Says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the KFFL and Rotowire blurbs, but some of these new fantasy blurbs are overkill. FF Champs has a posting about a mock draft from 5 months ago on half my team. Which brings me to my next thought – instead of having to click on every player in my lineup that has “New!” next to his name, there should be a “my team” page that summarizes the latest blurbs for all of my players.

    Thanks for the hard work guys.. you’re still the best league management site around

  2. myfantasyleague Says:

    valhallan – thanks for the feedback. right now, you can get news about all of your players at once in a few different ways:

    – go to your league’s “reports > nfl > news articles” page, and choose the “my players” option (that’s the first option on the list) from the “select a player” drop-down.
    – you can add the “my 5 newest news articles” home page module to your league home page from the “home page modules and tabs” page.

    hopefully those two tips help a bit.

    regarding the ffchamps article – we’ll definitely closely monitor these news sources, and make sure that the articles are indexed correctly for player names.

    keep those ideas coming!

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