FSTA Conference

We are a member company in the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association), which is a great non-profit organization that promotes the fantasy sports industry.  They help companies both big and small by conducting market research and facilitating networking opportunities among the member companies.  We had the pleasure of attending their semi-annual industry conference in Chicago last week.  We met a lot of folks that we have worked with in the past on various projects, as well as plenty of new companies and individuals that we’ll surely be working with in the future.  I’ll expand on some of the partnerships and projects in the next couple of weeks here in this blog!

You can read more about the actual conference from one of the attendees (Nando Di Fino) in his article at the Wall Street Journal.  One interesting observation about the fantasy sports industry in general was made during an informal poll during the opening comments of the conference on Tuesday morning.  Attendees were asked to stand up when the year of their entry into the market was announced.  They started with the early 1990’s, and only one or two of the approximately 200 attendees stood up.  When they announced “1994”, that’s when we stood up.  As the progression continued, only about half of the attendees were standing when they made it to “2005”.  That means that half of those attending the conference just started in the fantasy sports business sometime in the past 3 years.  It’s exciting to have so much new blood in the industry, and there were lots of entrepreneurs with some great ideas at the conference.  But it was also fun to know that we’re one of the more established companies in the fantasy football space!

If you’re interested in keeping track of developments in the Fantasy Sports Industry, there are a couple of great blogs that may interest you.  Derrick at Rotonation keeps his blog up-to-date with all sorts of industry news and developments, and Jim at Fantasy Sports 2.0 does a great job of gathering relevant links to news about the industry along with commentary and analysis.  Feel free to comment with any other industry news sites that you’re aware of.



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