Copy Your League

If you want to start another fantasy football league with the same basic format as your existing league, we have a very easy way for you to get started with that.  Just use the “Duplicate This League” option in the lower left of your “For Commissioners > Setup” screen.  You’ll be given the option of whether or not to copy the Franchises as well as the Rosters and Weekly Lineups.  So if you’re starting a 2nd league with the same group of people, you can use this option to get up and running very quickly.  Or if you want to create a copy of your league for testing purposes, you can do that as well.  Also, keep this feature in mind if a friend wants to start their own league based on your settings.  You can create a duplicate copy of your league (without the Franchise Info) and then change the commissioner email and password so they can get started with your same rules and other settings.  It can be a great time saver in a number of different situations!

Another common request is to be able to copy just the scoring rules from one league to another.  This can be done from the “Select a Packaged Scoring System” menu item on the “For Commissioners > Setup” screen.  While this screen is generally used to select one of our standard sets of scoring rules, it can also be used to copy the scoring rules from any other league in our system.  You just need to know the 5-digit League ID to copy the rules from.

Player Salaries are another piece of data that can be copied from another league.  If you know someone in another league that has taken the time to enter the salaries of all of the players in their salary cap league, you can use the “Select Packaged Player Salaries” screen under “For Commissioners > Setup” to copy those player salaries to your league.  Again, you just need to know the 5-digit league ID to copy the salaries from.


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