Nightly News

You’ve read about all of the additional player news that we’ve integrated into recently. This additional content from all of our sources is readily available from various screens and reports in your league, such as the “Reports > NFL > News Articles” menu item, or directly on your league home page in the “5 Newest News Articles” home page module, as well as any player information pages that are readily available from your roster report or any other listing of players.

To help get a handle on all of this in-depth player information, we’ve added a new option to the “For Owners > Franchise Setup” page. If you click on the “Advanced” section of this screen, you’ll find the option to “Send Email For: My Player News (within the last day, sent at 3am ET)“. Franchise owners can select this option to automatically receive an email message overnight whenever there is fresh news for any players on their roster. It’s a great, easy way to be notified about updated news for all of the players on your fantasy team.



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