More Home Page Messages

We added a few more home page messages to the system, so now you can have up to 15 of them to use as desired on your league home page (instead of the previous limit of 12).  While the home page message concept originated many years ago as a way for you (the commissioner) to write some notes or comments to post  on your league for the owners to view, they quickly took on a life of their own as creative commissioners used them to enter custom HTML and javascript to spruce up their league home pages.  We now have a thriving community of commissioners that share ideas and code with others.

These home page messages can of course also be used as home page modules, and you can control their layout and arrangement on the “Setup > Home Page Modules and Tabs Setup” screen.  For those keeping track, we now have 83 different home page modules that you can arrange as you see fit on your home page.  And since 15 of them are basically free form text home page messages, it gives you virtually unlimited possibilities for adding content and custom code to your league.  Of course, not everybody is into that sort of thing, but even those of you without any coding or HTML knowledge can quickly and easily rearrange your league home page to make it look just how you want it.



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