LT campaigns to be top draft pick

This week’s Saturday Silliness topic revolves around NFL players getting in touch with fantasy football. We’ve all probably seen the various references to fantasy football by real NFL players from time to time, such as a couple of years ago when Redskins TE Chris Cooley admitted that “I beat myself against Dallas. The guy on the other team had me, and I scored three touchdowns against Dallas, and I lost to myself on fantasy points.” It definitely brings new confusion to Fantasy versus Reality when NFL players start playing against themselves in their fantasy leagues!

This year LaDainian Tomlinson is taking it up another notch by campaigning to be the #1 pick in your fantasy draft. It is admittedly part of a tongue in cheek marketing campaign for FoxSports fantasy games, but it’s still rather creative. “I should be the No. 1 pick because I’m proven,” Tomlinson told The Associated Press. “I’ve been doing it for a while and have experience helping owners win their leagues. I got a good track record, and I’ll be ready on day one.” Check out the rest of the article for some more funny quotes. Interestingly, LT admits that he has never played fantasy football himself. What is he waiting for?


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