Starter Points by Position Chart

We’ve updated a popular report by adding a dynamic graph to the bottom of it, which will really help see at a glance where the strengths of each fantasy team are. This report, which is accessible from the “Reports > League > Starter Pts – Position” menu, already shows the breakdown of each fantasy team’s starters (or bench) for any time period. It includes the actual points and the percentage of the total that each position has scored in the specified time period. It’s a great report to use to find who to target for trades when you know your team is weak at a specific position.

Now it’s even easier to eyeball the data with the bar chart at the bottom. You’ll see each team’s point total broken down by position, and you can dynamically remove or add the positions that you want to focus on. Right now, since there isn’t any weekly points data for your 2008 league, the chart won’t appear. So you’ll need to view this in your 2007 league to see what it looks like. Or you can check the report in our 2007 sample league.

With this new chart view, we’ve also added a new home page module module with the same name. If you add the “Starter Points By Position” module to your home page, then you’ll see this dynamic graph right on the front page!


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One Response to “Starter Points by Position Chart”

  1. onei0087 Says:

    Love this one, good use of beefing up the data without ruining everything by becoming too “Yahoo-ey” for lack of a better term. Very cool, keep embracing graphical statistics.

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