Franchise Info Report

Whenever you click on a Franchise Name from the Standings on your league home page, or quite a few other reports and links throughout the site, it takes you to the “Franchise Info Page” for that team. Click Here for an example from our 2007 demo league. From this page, you can see some basic info about each franchise. And if you are logged into the league as an owner, then you can use this page as sort of a “command central” for various operations for your team. For example, you can update your Franchise Information, submit a lineup or propose a trade, make a pool pick, update your draft list, etc.

Now we’ve updated this page to make even more team related information available with just one click from this central location. You’ll see this links across the top of this report now:

Main | Roster | Roster w/Stats | Scoring History | Transactions | Schedule | Accounting | Series Records

Most of these are pretty self explanatory, but the bottom line is that you can quickly access the rosters (with or without stats) and the weekly scoring history, transactions, fantasy schedule, and even the historical records for any franchise with these links.

Also, if you want to change the default view to show the Rosters (instead of the Franchise Info) whenever you click on a Franchise Name from the Standings report or various other screens, you can do that as well. This is selectable on the “For Commissioners > Setup > Reports and Other Settings” screen. You can change the default option for “When clicking on franchise name, go to” from “Franchise Info” to “Roster”.



One Response to “Franchise Info Report”

  1. onei0087 Says:

    I like the idea, but that navigation menu goes away when you click on the later half of the links. Which then you have to use the back button or the main navigation. It would be cool if there was a way to keep that navigation when you click on all of the links. Maybe passing a php variable to generate that menu when clicking on the links from that menu?

    I just prefer to stick with one navigation menu throughout a process.

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