Chris Davis Chris Davis

This weekend’s episode of Saturday Silliness goes to a guy named Chris Davis. And the other guy named Chris Davis. Both of these guys play Wide Receiver for the Titans. That’s right. The Titans just picked up another Chris Davis, formerly with the Jets. Granted, neither of these players has done much in the NFL, but this could definitely cause some confusion in the fantasy world for someone that’s trying to go deep and pick up one of them.

We all know about the occasional confusion caused each year by the likes of Steve Smith (WR, Panthers) and “the other Steve Smith” (WR, Giants), or Adrian Peterson (RB, Vikings) and “the other Adrian Peterson” (RB, Bears). There have been others over the years: WR Mark Clayton, WR Jermaine Lewis, RB Keith Jones have all had another guy with the same name and position in the league at one time or another. But I think this Chris Davis thing may be a first for two players with the same name, position, and NFL team, at least on the offensive side of the ball!  Owners beware when trying to pick up that 5th string WR 😉



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