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We’ve always taken an “open” approach to our league data, and we encourage others to use the data as needed for developing third party add-ons. To that end, it’s worth pointing out our Developer’s Program that is perhaps too well hidden. It’s been available for several years, and it allows you to easily gain access to raw league data in XML format. With this XML feed, you can quickly and easily fetch the information into whatever programming environment you’re most comfortable with, be it PHP, ASP, Excel, Java, Perl, or any other programming language that’s capable of reading XML files. Check out the export page for the details of exactly what XML documents we offer via this service.

In addition to accessing league data, you can update league data as well. Check out the import page for the details on what league data can be updated this way.

As with everything else on our site, we’re always looking for customer suggestions and feedback regarding what we offer.  So, if you’re thinking you might be able to use this service, but are looking for different types of data to export, or import, please let us know!



13 Responses to “Developer API”

  1. boorad Says:

    Hi guys,

    On this topic, do you allow non-customers to submit requests to this API, even if we don’t have any leagues with you? I’m specifically going after the nflSchedule, for game updates a couple of times a day on game days.


  2. myfantasyleague Says:


    Yes, we welcome suggestions from anyone! But in this case, I’m guessing we might already provide what you’re looking for. The nflSchedule feed includes real-time game scores, as well as the number of seconds left in the game. Check out the docs at for more details on the nflSchedule feed.


  3. Phil Derksen Says:

    Great stuff. I can see some great uses coming out of open fantasy stats like this.

    Question on live scoring: Can we scores for individual NFL players while games are going on? It looks like your current live scoring data (#15) shows only overall franchise scores.

  4. myfantasyleague Says:

    Sorry about the confusion. No, there isn’t any way to grab the raw stats from the live scoring feed. You are correct that it only shows the franchise scores. The bottom line is that you can use the is Open API to fetch all sorts of fantasy league data, but not actual raw stats.

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  10. DocEvil Says:

    How often are the exports for things such as NFLSchedule, WeeklyResults, LiveScoring, Player Scores, etc. updated during game times?

    I’ve read through the docs and played with the xml export files, but I can’t find anything that says how frequently they are updated.

  11. myfantasyleague Says:

    nflSchedule and liveScoring are updated in real-time. weeklyResults and playerScores are only updated after preliminary results and final results are issued (a few hours after games are over each day).

  12. DocEvil Says:


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