Free Public Mock Drafts

Now that the preseason is officially underway, most commissioners are scrambling to select a good draft date for their fantasy football league.  And that means fantasy team owners everywhere are starting to look for ways to get an edge on their future opponents for the big day.  Well, one of the best ways to prepare for any upcoming fantasy draft is to participate in a mock draft.  You get a chance to experience the thrill of selecting players, and you get a feel for where players should be drafted in each round compared to where you have ranked players on your personal cheat sheet or draft list.

Here at, we have just what you need when it comes to mock drafts.  We have live mock drafts happening every 10 minutes throughout the day! Just Click Here to Get Started. The drafts are available 24/7 throughout the preseason.  We rolled out this feature in May, and have been refining it ever since.  Some highlights about our mock draft system:

  1. They are totally free to join and use.
  2. All of the mock drafts take place in our live draft room, with a one minute timer for each pick.
  3. You have the choice of 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 team drafts.
  4. You can select your preferred draft position to match your real league.
  5. If any of the draft slots are not filled by a real participant, then the computer will fill in to make picks for those teams as needed.
  6. You can visit our Mock Drafting Community Forum to get together with and schedule mock drafts with others that are interested in joining a mock draft.
  7. Use the live chat within the mock draft room to discuss strategy or trash talk to the other participants.
  8. You can review the ADP (Average Draft Position) Rankings for all of the completed mock drafts as well as actual drafts completed on
  9. There is no registration or sign-up required, but we do ask for your Email Address and Team Name. The Email address is only used to send you a confirmation message with the address of the live draft room in case you get disconnected for any reason.

That’s the scoop.  It’s quick and easy to join a draft anytime you feel like it. And it will help you prepare for your own draft later this month.  Check it out right now and tell your friends about it as well…  Click Here to Join a Mock Draft Now. Happy drafting!



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