Commissioner and Owner

With, the commissioner of the league can choose whether or not to participate in the league as a franchise owner.  Some other league management systems force the commissioner to be part of the league, but that is not required with us.  Sometimes a league assigns a non-participant to act as the unbiased commmissioner, and that is easy to accomplish with

On the other hand, if you want to act as the commissioner for a league and also participate as a franchise owner, then there is a nice shortcut to be aware of.  Go to the “For Commissioners > Setup” screen and click on the “Select Commissioner’s Franchise” menu item.  Then select your franchise from the pull down list.  After that is done, you’ll see a new “Become Owner” link in the upper right of your league page.  Click on that link to quickly switch from being logged in as the commissioner to being logged in as an owner.  Then click on that link again to switch back.

This is a great way to enable you to switch back and forth between the role of commissioner and the role of franchise owner.  Most of the time you can remain logged in as an owner, but there are times that you need to switch to commissioner mode (such as changing the home page appearance, or approving trades, etc).


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