Draft with FanDraft

MyFantasyLeague.com has its own integrated draft room for conducting a live, on-line draft. And we also have our own free off-line draft program (FFLM). But there are still other ways to conduct a draft if desired. Because of our Open Developer’s API, there are several third party draft tools that you can use to conduct your draft or to enhance your draft experience.

For an alternate off-line draft program that works similar to our own FFLM program, you can use FanDraft, a program from FanSoftMedia. They have integrated one click ability to import your league into FanDraft so it is really quick to get set up. Then after you draft is completed in FanDraft, you can transfer the draft results back to your league with another click. You do of course need to enter your League ID and password, but otherwise it is all very automatic! Thank you to Randy over at FanDraft for working with us on this integration ability.

If you’ve used FanDraft in the past, or you prefer its interface for any other reason, you now have a great way to quickly transfer the draft results into your league on MyFantasyLeague.com.


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