Manage League Finances with LeagueSafe

We’re happy to announce a new feature and a partnership with the web site to help commissioners relieve themselves of one of the biggest burdens for commissioners…  collecting league dues before the draft and paying out league prizes after the fantasy playoffs.  Any commissioner knows about the annual nuisance.  You have to hound your team owners in the weeks leading up to the draft to make sure they remember to pay the annual league dues before the draft.  Then for the two or three owners that forget, you have to continue to nag them all season long until they finally pay up.  And it doesn’t end there. After the season is over, you have to figure out how to contact the winners and get them their prizes in a timely manner.

Enter LeagueSafe!  It was conceived and developed by Paul Charchian, who has been involved with fantasy football leagues for over 15 years as a radio show host and as a co-founder of  So he has thought through the process thoroughly and come up with a great solution for leagues that want to have someone else manage their finances.  You can read a Wall Street Journal article about it, or read the Press Release for more information.

For leagues that want to take advantage of the LeagueSafe service, we’ve made it very easy to do with the new option under the “For Commissioners > Setup” screen called “Manage League Finances Using LeagueSafe“.  Just click on that option in your league and follow the steps on that screen, and then you’ll be all set.  You won’t have to worry about the hassle of collecting dues from your owners, and all of your owners will be able to rest easier knowing that their money is being held by an FDIC insured account, and that it will only be used for paying out the league prizes (and optionally the league hosting fee on

That’s the other great thing about this service.  If the commissioner doesn’t want to pay for the league up front, he can designate that as an option when signing up for LeagueSafe.  Then when owners start paying their league dues, the cost of managing the league on MFL will be taken care of automatically as well.  Be sure to visit for additional info or details.


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2 Responses to “Manage League Finances with LeagueSafe”

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  2. david baker Says:

    did u use this?? was it good?

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