ADP Rankings

Now is about the time that most fantasy football owner start realizing that they are not as well prepared for their draft as they should be.  We’ve all been through it.  Life is happening all around you, and then suddenly your big draft day is upon you in a flash.  With that in mind, we wanted to make sure you were aware of our Average Daft Position (ADP) Rankings! Click on the link to check out the latest player rankings from all of the drafts that have already taken place on You can slice and dice the data in various ways, such as by position, by league size, or by scoring system.  You can also choose keeper or non-keeper drafts, and mock or real drafts.  And you can specify the time frame, and choose to view data only for recent drafts instead of all drafts in the system.  It’s a great resource to help you prepare for your draft to get a feel for which round players have been drafted in by other leagues, especially if you have faith in the wisdom of crowds.

And if you’re a coder that likes to manipulate data like this, you can use our Open Developer’s API to grab the data from an XML feed to do whatever you want with it.  We also have an ADP Home Page Module that you can add to your league so all of your team owners have quick and easy access to it.  And we have an ADP  Widget that you can put on any web page.  Use the “Reports > League > MFL Widgets” screen for more info on doing that.


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