FantasySharks Draft Coach

In addition to our ADP Rankings that we discussed last time, there is also another great resource integrated into your league for owners to use for assistance on making their draft picks.  It is the Draft Coach.  The Draft Coach was developed quite a few years ago by Tony Holm over at, and it was integrated into and has been available to assist with draft picks ever since then.  It uses our Open Developer’s API to fetch league information for your specific league, including the scoring rules and roster requirements and draft info, and then it uses the player stat projections from and combines it with ADP Rankings and other info to help make recommendations about which player to select next in your draft.  Very cool stuff!

You can access it from the Live Draft room in your league, and from the PreDraft screen as well.  Note that it is part of the “Fantasy Links” section of your league, so if you don’t see the link to the DraftCoach, be sure to ask your commissioner to turn that option on in the “For Commissioners > Setup > Menu Setup” screen (it is on by default).



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