Draft Recap Analysis

With the busiest fantasy football drafting weekend behind us, it’s time for most leagues to settle in and start analyzing how well their draft went. For team owners, this means taking a close look at your roster compared to the other rosters in the league to figure out the strengths and weaknesses. It’s the last chance to brag about your awesome team that you just drafted before the reality of Week #1 hits and your roster is put to the test in a real-life game. So with that in mind…

We’d like to introduce the “Draft Recap” report! It’s a tongue-in-cheek analysis of your league’s draft, based mostly on the ADP Rankings we discussed yesterday. In other words, it looks at the players you drafted and which round and pick you selected them, and then compares that to the overall average round and pick that those players were selected in by all the other leagues at MyFantasyLeague.com. It’s a quick and dirty way to compare how well your team did in the draft on a relative scale compared to the others.

The best part is that we’ve taken it a step further by throwing in some random quotes about the draft, and turning it into a fun recap that should hopefully provoke some trash talking amongst your owners here during the rest of the pre-season. So give your Draft Recap a look. You can access it from the “Reports > League > Draft” screen by clicking on the “Draft Recap” link at the top of that page.

Here’s a sample excerpt from a Draft Recap:

Coach Jeff Smith had an impressive showing in the recent 2008 fantasy draft. Their Fighting Tigers franchise came away feeling exuberant about their top grade in the league based on analysis by MyFantasyLeague.com.

The Fighting Tigers made their best pick of the draft in round 3, selecting Tony Romo with the 27th pick of the draft, as compared to the 16th spot he should have been selected in, according to ADP rankings. “You draft the best available player,” Fighting Tigers coach Jeff Smith said.

They made their worst pick of the draft in round 4, selecting Selvin Young with the 46th pick of the draft, as compared to the 64th spot he should have been selected in, according to ADP rankings. “He’s a project,” Fighting Tigers coach Jeff Smith said.

Keep in mind that this report is intended as harmless entertainment, and is not by any means a thorough technical analysis of your league’s draft. Hopefully your owners will get a kick out of the report and enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed concocting it 🙂

Also be aware that this report is still in a developmental stage, so we’ll continue to enhance it for next season. As it stands right now, it is primarily intended for standard redraft leagues. It does not really read well for keeper or dynasty leagues with rookie-only drafts, and therefore it does not show up as an option for those types of leagues.


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One Response to “Draft Recap Analysis”

  1. bonscott Says:

    Looks like it’s getting better for keeper leagues. Looks like it ignores keepers when it does the ADP analysis, perfect. But when it does the bye week and starter analysis it also ignores the keepers instead of taking the entire roster into account. This leads to some weird things like saying a team will have no TE starters when in fact they do because they kept a TE.

    But it’s still a great source of entertainment even with those flaws. My league loves it.

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