Player Stats

One of the most powerful reports that is jam-packed with options is our Top Performers/Player Stats report.  You can access it from the “Reports > Players > Top Performers” menu item. Right now, since the season hasn’t started yet, it shows the top performing players based on your league’s scoring rules for all of last season.  You can see, at a glance, the players that scored the most points in your league last year, broken down by week.  There are controls at the top to change the time frame, or the number of players to display, as well as selections for showing just a specific fantasy team and a specific position.  And you can click on almost any of the column headers at the top of the report to sort by that column.  If you want to limit the report to just fantasy free agents that are available to be picked up, you can do that as well by changing the “Overall” pull down menu.

But that is only the beginning!  You can also click on the Advanced Search link that is just to the right of all of the pull down selection boxes.  After you click, you’ll see a whole new selection of controls.  From here, you can choose more than one position, or more than one fantasy team to display at the same time.  In addition, you can show the raw stats instead of the weekly fantasy point totals by changing the “Fantasy Point Scorers” pull down list.  For example, if you select “Rushers” from that list, then it will show all of the common rushing stats for the players on the report, such as rushing attempts, rushing yards, rushing TDs, and fumbles lost.  It will also show the receptions, receiving yards, and receiving TDs.  Other selections include “Passers” and “Receivers” as well as “Kickers“, “Returners“, and “Defenders.”

The other additional option on the Advanced Search screen is the NFL Team pull down list.  With that option, you can choose to view all players from just one NFL team if needed.  All versions of this report will show a player’s status, so you know right away if a player is available to be picked up on the waiver wire, or who to propose a trade with.  There are also quick links to initiate a trade or make a waiver move.  And the Bye week of the players is displayed as well, along with the salary and contract if you have a salary cap league.

So be sure to check out this report and give it a work out!  We’ve also recently added a couple of extra “quick links” to this report from the “Reports > Players” menu.  The new “Top Passers“, “Top Rushers“, and “Top Receivers” menu items take you directly to the Advanced Search version of this report with some preselected options.


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