MFL Power

There’s another great resource of customized fantasy football rankings available to you for your fantasy draft.  Check out the MFL Power section of the web site.  Mike MacGregor has used our Open Developer’s API to create a customized cheat sheet for your league.  Just enter your 5-digit League ID from your league on, and then it does the rest of the work for you.  Their system imports your league scoring rules and rosters (in case you have a keeper or dynasty league), and then it combines that with their stat projections to generate a customized cheat sheet for your draft!

In addition to a draft cheat sheet during the preseason, they also have MFL Power tools for in-season weekly rankings, and for customized player news and injury information for your fantasy team.  Be sure to check it out.


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One Response to “MFL Power”

  1. Mark Graves Says:

    This is very cool…wish I had seen it before my draft! However, even after my draft, I still like to use it and select specific team names so I can see where their players appear in the list. Very nice.

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