Strange Plays for Week 2

This Sunday, there were a few notable plays that happened for the first time this year.

Darren Sproles of the Chargers had the first Kickoff Return TD, and it was a long one. He fielded it in the end zone and returned it 103 yards for a TD. Just a reminder to make sure you have your Length of TD rules set up with a range of 0 to 110 yards, since all of the various Return TD types can be over 100 yards if they start in the end zone.  Reggie Bush of the Saints had a Punt Return TD, but there were two of those last week already, so hopefully your rules already account for these plays.

The Lions scored a Safety without doing much because Derrick Frost, the Punter for the Packers, mishandled the snap on a punt attempt and let the ball go out of the back of the end zone.

Another first time event this week was a Blocked Punt TD when the Titans blocked a punt attempt by Kyle Larson of the Bengals. Keith Bulluck blocked it and then fell on it in the end zone to score the touchdown. Note that if you set up your Team Defense scoring to include the Number of Defensive TDs rule, it only includes Interception and Fumble Return TDs by default. So you’ll want to add the Blocked Punt TD and Blocked Field Goal TD rules if you want this TD to be included in your team defense scoring, or you can add the Number of Defensive and Special Teams TD rule, which includes all of these types: Interception and Fumble Returns TDs, Blocked Punt and Field Goal TDs, and Punt and Kickoff Return TDs. And this is another example of a 0 yard TD, so make sure your “Length of” TD type of rules start at 0 yards instead of 1 yard.

There were actually two of these types of blocked kick scoring plays on Sunday. Jason Baker also had a punt attempt blocked by Darrell McClover, and then Brandon Lloyd of the Bears recovered it and returned it for a 9 yard Blocked Punt TD.

Last but not least, this week was the first time some 2 point conversions were successfully executed. The Colts scored a 2 point rush when Dominic Rhodes carried it in. Then the Chargers, Chiefs, and Broncos each scored a successful 2 point pass.



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