Better Injury Updates

Starting this week, we’ve teamed up with to offer more timely and more accurate player injury updates for your fantasy football league.  Previously, we relied on the NFL official injury report, which isn’t released until Friday evenings, and the NFL “practice reports”, which really isn’t very helpful with true injury information or the status of players.  All of this led to various issues for leagues that were looking for updated injury information earlier in the week.  From a fantasy perspective, the NFL injury report just wasn’t very useful because it is released so late in the week, and the practice report just wasn’t very informative because there are so many reasons that a player may not have participated in practice.

Most leagues that have any type of fantasy IR rules need to be able to make their injury moves early in the week and then allow waiver moves later in the week.  Therefore, as of yesterday, we will now use as our official source of player injury information. This will result in more timely and accurate injury information for your league since the injury information for players will be updated constantly instead of just once a week on Friday nights. The same injury designations will still be used for players (IR, Out, Doubtful, Questionable, and Probable), so you can still use the same fantasy IR rules that your league used previously.

Players that are injured on Sunday and Monday will now be updated much sooner with an injury status.  Therefore, the old Wednesday night “practice report” designations will no longer be used at all.  But players that have a bye week will still have an injury designation even during their off week. We’re confident that this new injury information will be much more timely and useful from a fantasy football perspective compared to the previous reliance on the official NFL injury updates, and excited to partner with Rotowire for this information!


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4 Responses to “Better Injury Updates”

  1. ellathinks Says:

    Sounds goods. This information is really helpful..Its good update and very helpful to us to know what is the status of every player that have an injury on every time they play.Thanks for sharing this kind of info.I think its very helpful. good job..

  2. smithktff Says:

    This was a tremendous step in the right direction, but there is issue I think needs to be addressed.

    The decision to automatically list suspended and PUP players as OUT is not the best approach. These players have never been listed this way before and this status change is going to upset the cart in a lot of leagues.

    I’d strongly recommend you either go back to not listing these players with any status to maintain consistency with previous methods or better yet enhance the system further like this:

    List these players as:
    PUP (PUP list)
    SUS (Suspended)

    Allow the commish to use these two new designations as part of the IR setup so they can specify on a league by league basis whether players with these designations can be placed on IR.

  3. myfantasyleague Says:

    Thanks for the feedback on PUP and Suspended players! For the near term, we’re using the Rotowire designations for all players, so they will continue to be included and listed as OUT per Rotowire. Longer term, we’ll be monitoring any feedback and hopefully be adding additional levels of control for the various non-injury type of lists like you describe above.

  4. Turak Attack Says:

    I fully agree with smithktff above. Please consider using additional designations such as SUS for suspended. The OUT designation is now too broad since for most leagues, OUT for reasons of suspension need to be treated differently than OUT for injury reasons. Thank you.

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