Strange Plays for Week 3

This week was relatively calm compared to the first two weeks of the season with regard to unusual plays in the NFL.  There weren’t any blocked kicks of any variety this week. but there were two different Safeties scored.  The Saints scored a standard one when Andre Hall was tackled in the end zone.  But the Eagles scored one in a unique way by forcing Roethlisberger into an intentional grounding call while he was in the end zone, which results in a Safety.

The only defensive TDs were scored from run of the mill interception returns and fumble recoveries.  One issue about these types of TDs that is worth noting for leagues that penalize the passer or the fumbler when their turnover is returned for a TD…  There are some stats for a few specific scoring rules that aren’t updated live during the games.  Specifically, if you award negative points for a quarterback that throws an Interception which results in a defensive touchdown by using the “Interceptions Thrown Returned for TD” rule, or you award negative points for a player that fumbles and results in a defensive touchdown by using the “Fumbles Lost Returned for TD”, then those stats won’t be updated until the game is final.  Our stats provider, as well as any standard box score, does not include that information during the live stats feed.  The other significant stats that aren’t updated live are the various types of fumble stats.  If your league uses the standard “Fumbles” and “Fumbles Lost” rules, then they are updated during the games as they occur.  But if you use the specific fumble types, such as “Fumbles on Offense” or “Fumbles on Special Teams” or “Fumbles on Defense”, then those won’t be updated until the game is final and our stats provider has had a chance to break out the fumbles into how and when they happened.  Just something to be aware of when comparing live, unofficial scoring to the final, official stats after the game.

Getting back to the strange plays, perhaps the biggest oddity of the week was caused by Ronnie Brown scoring no less than 5 touchdowns against the Patriots and handing them their first regular season loss since before the 2007 season.  And one of them was a Passing TD in addition to his 4 Rushing TDs!  We’ll discuss these “out of position” type of touchdowns in more detail here in our blog tomorrow.



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