Bye Week Carryover Points

This week is the first “official” week where several NFL teams have a BYE instead of playing a scheduled game. Of course, week #2 was the first BYE week thrown at us unexpectedly when Hurricane Ike caused the Ravens at Texans game to be canceled (postponed) at the last minute. But from here on out, there are as many as 6 NFL teams scheduled for a bye each week until Week #11, when the full slate of weekly games resumes.

In any case, these bye weeks can cause various issues from a fantasy football perspective. Most leagues actually just deal with the issue by having deep rosters. So this week, for example, when the Colts, Lions, Dolphins, Patriots, Seahawks, and Giants are resting, you would have to start replacements for those players on your fantasy football team as well. That’s where roster depth comes in. Ideally, your league allows enough roster spots as needed.  A typical league starts 8 players and drafts 16, so you have plenty of options on your bye weeks to fill a lineup.

Our philosophy is that bye weeks are just another strategy inducing aspect to the game of fantasy football!  It even can encourage trades and roster changes on a weekly basis, which is generally a good thing that gets the team owners in your league to communicate and interact more often.   So we strongly recommend that you deal with them by not having any special rules to help with bye week replacements.

However, does have an option that lets you carry over the scores from the previous week for players on a bye. You can set this option on the “For Commissioners > Setup > General Scoring Setup” screen.  Some leagues use this to allow teams without enough depth on their roster to use players that are not playing during a bye week to receive points anyway.  The other option, if you have other unique rules in your league, is to use the “Player Score Adjuster” to award points as needed to players on a bye week.  This can be used if your league has special rules just for the QB or Kicker position on a bye week, for example.


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