Strange Plays for Week 4

This week saw the usual amount of interception and fumble return touchdowns, plus a few blocked kicks. As always, you can check the “Help > Strange Plays” menu item in your league for the complete run down each week.

Two of the more noteworthy plays this week involved a fake punt of sorts and a really, really long field goal attempt. First, the fake punt happened in the Jaguars game when they scored a 41-yard rushing TD on fourth down. They lined up sort of in a punt formation, even though they didn’t have a punter in the backfield as you would expect. Then Montell Owens took the long snap in the backfield and proceeded to score a long rushing TD on his first carry of the season. Pretty impressive play! But as we discussed back in Week 1 on a similar situation with a fake field goal, this is not scored as a Special Teams TD, because there isn’t any way to determine from a typical box score or from the stats that it was a non-standard rushing TD. You would have to use the Score Adjuster if you want this to count as something other than a regular rushing TD for Owens or for your Special Teams position.

The other interesting play that happened for the first time this season was a Missed Field Goal Return. It happened when Janikowski of the Raiders attempted a 76-yard Field Goal. Seriously. That is officially the longest field goal attempted in a game. Ever. Wow. And in case you’re curious, the longest successful field goal in NFL history is 63 yards. That was a feat accomplished most recently by Jason Elam about 10 years ago. But anyway, the attempt by Janikowski was short, and Cromartie of the Chargers fielded it near the goal line and returned it 26 yards before he was tackled. Some leagues are wondering how they can score those 26 return yards. Since that yardage doesn’t show up anywhere on a box score, there isn’t any automatic way to score it for your league. So you would have to use the Player Score Adjuster to track this type of yardage manually if/when it happens. We strongly recommend that you don’t try to score Missed Field Goal Return Yardage since it happens so infrequently and would be very difficult to keep track of on a weekly basis.  Note that there is a scoring rule in for a Missed Field Goal Return TD, so if Cromartie had returned it all the way for a touchdown, then it can be scored automatically in your league if you have that rule set up.



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