Reset your Survivor Pool

A popular “side game” for many fantasy football leagues is the integrated Survivor Pool that you can add to your league home page on For those that have never experienced one, it’s a simple weekly contest where you try to pick a single NFL team that will win each week. The catch is that you can’t use the same NFL team more than once throughout the season. And as soon as you pick incorrectly, and the NFL team you selected doesn’t win, then you are out of the pool. The last person remaining to select a winning NFL team is the overall winner of the pool. In other words, every week is like “sudden death”. Pick a winning team or else you’re done. And there is some strategy involved, because you have to plan ahead and potentially save some of the better teams for later in the season instead of selecting some obvious favorites early in the season.

Of course, anytime there is a major upset in the NFL, it causes a lot of Survivor Pool participants to drop out because they chose incorrectly. This year, the top picks went as expected for the first three weeks:

  • In Week 1, just over 25% of participants selected New England to win.
  • In Week 2, a whopping 42% of participants selected the Giants.
  • In Week 3, 30% chose the Bills.
  • For Week 4, about 40% chose the Broncos. And they lost…

So this past week proved to be the end of the Survivor Pool for a lot of leagues that use it. But rather than abandon it for the rest of the season, you can start over and let all of the team owners back in for another stab at picking the weekly NFL Survivor. To do this, you can restart your Survivor Pool by using the “For Commissioners > Setup > Pool Setup” screen to change the Starting Week of the Survivor Pool. If you change it from Week 1 to Week 5, the everybody gets a fresh start again.

On a related note, there is a new “Top Site-Wide Survivor Picks” home page module that you can add to your league for an insight into which NFL team all of the other team owners throughout are selecting each week.


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