Charting Player Stats

We’re excited to announce a new charting option on the Player Pages, such as this example for Jay Cutler in our sample league. Any time you click on a link to a player name on any of the screens or reports in your league, you’ll be taken to the Player Page for that player. From there, by default, you’ll see a table with their weekly scores and stats. Now, as of today, you can click on the link above that table to select “Chart” instead of “Stats”:

After you click on the “Chart” option, you’ll see a comparison of that player’s weekly scores versus the highest weekly score from the player with the best score at that position each week. If you use the mouse to hover over a data point, it will give you details on who the highest scoring player was for that week, along with the exact score. This is a great way to see how your selected player compares at-a-glance to the best player in the league each week.

In addition, you can compare the selected player to any other player at that position by selecting another player in the pull down list at the bottom. The above chart example shows a comparison of Jay Cutler versus Drew Brees, and they are both compared to the best weekly QB score.


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