Strange Plays for Week 5

This week was pretty calm from an unusual play perspective, at least until the Monday night game provided some chaos and highlights! As always, you can check the “Help > Strange Plays” menu item in your league for the complete run down each week.

On Monday night, Reggie Bush dazzled us with not one but two Punt Return TDs. That doesn’t happen very often, but it should have been scored properly for any league that had the rule set up, either for “Number of Punt Return TDs or for “Length of Punt Return TD”.

The really odd play of the night came when Martin Gramatica of the Saints had a 46 yard Field Attempt Blocked by the Vikings. But it didn’t end there. After Kevin Williams blocked it, the ball fell right into the hands of Antoine Winfield, and he proceeded to return it all the way to the end zone for a 59 yard Blocked Field Goal TD. This is the first time all season that a blocked field goal was returned for a TD, so make sure you have that rule set up for your league as needed. Note that there were a couple of Blocked Punt TDs in week #2, but there is a separate rule for Blocked Field Goal TDs.

Note that if you set up your Team Defense scoring to include the Number of Defensive TDs rule, it only includes Interception and Fumble Return TDs by default. So you’ll want to add the Blocked Field Goal TD rule (and Blocked Punt TD rule as well) if you want this TD to be included in your team defense scoring You can also add the Number of Defensive and Special Teams TD rule instead, which includes all of these types: Interception and Fumble Returns TDs, Blocked Punt and Field Goal TDs, and Punt and Kickoff Return TDs.


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One Response to “Strange Plays for Week 5”

  1. Erik Persson Says:

    There was a VERY unusual non-touchdown play from Week 5 that a lot of people may have missed. It occurred with 11:02 remaining in the 4th quarter of the Tampa Bay-Denver game. Jeff Garcia’s pass intended for Antonio Bryant was intercepted by Marcus Thomas. Thomas returned the pick 11 yards, at which point he was stripped of the ball by Warrick Dunn. Arron Sears recovered for the Bucs, resulting in a double change of possession. Our league has a rule in place (Keenan McCardell Rule) that gives both teams’ defenses credit for a fumble recovery in instances such as this. Basically, once a ball is turned over the first time — or surrendered/kicked voluntarily, in the case of special teams — both teams are considered the defense until the play ends. Not sure how you guys handle this on your end, as the extra point (fumble recovery for Tampa Bay) didn’t play a factor in any fantasy games in our league (the guy with the Bucs defense didn’t start them), but I’m sure it affected someone and should probably be addressed for future reference.

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