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If you haven’t discovered the “Reports > Franchise > Fantasy Recap” report for your league yet, then be sure to check it out for some entertaining recaps of your weekly fantasy football games.  We’ve put a trash-talking, fantasy spin on your fantasy match-up each week.  It’s easiest to explain with an example from our sample league here:

( Fantasy Times Sources – Oct 6, 2008) In a week 5 Fantasy Football intra-divisional matchup, Marooned beat a strong Deep Divot team by a score of 81 to 70, extending the winning streak for Marooned to 3 games.

Marooned were led to their 11 point victory by a 21 point effort from Clinton Portis, who beat the Philadelphia Eagles defense for 145 rushing yards and 1 rushing td in addition to 13 receiving yards. With this performance, Portis was the number 3 ranked running back for week 5. They also got help from a 19 point effort from Roddy White, who beat the Green Bay Packers defense for 132 receiving yards and 1 receiving td.

We’re going to savor this victory,” Marooned coach Susan said.

Deep Divot were helped out in a losing cause by a 18 point effort from Ronnie Brown, who beat the San Diego Chargers defense for 125 rushing yards and 1 rushing td in addition to 8 receiving yards. With this performance, Brown was the number 5 ranked running back for week 5. They also got help from a 18 point effort from Peyton Manning, who got by the Houston Texans defense for 247 passing yards and 2 passing tds in addition to 8 rushing yards.

They ate our lunch,” Deep Divot coach Joe said.

Compounding the issue, Deep Divot could have scored 91 points and gotten the win with their best lineup, but Joe left key players like Domenik Hixon and his corresponding 17 points on the bench.

This brings the record for Marooned to 3-2, and drops Deep Divot to a record of 2-3.

Coming up in week 6, Deep Divot are at the 2-3 Hindenberg, where Hindenberg are an early 1.2-point favorite, while Marooned are at the 1-4 Last Place, where Last Place are an early 25.0-point underdog.

We’ve thrown in some random quotes along with the computer generated analysis of your game.  And even better, all of the owners in the league can click on their random quote to type their own quote into the recap instead.  So each team can personalize their Fantasy Recap if desired.  Hopefully it will generate some buzz and trash talking each week!

There is also a Fantasy Recap Home Page Module, so you can add the Fantasy Recap Game of the Week to your league home page for quick and easy reference.  By default, the game of the week is the one with the closest score.  But the commissioner can select a different game of the week if desired while viewing the full report with all of the recaps.


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