Strange Plays for Week 6

This week had plenty of crazy plays, especially with some last minute heroics by a few teams.   Nothing particularly new happened this week that hasn’t already happened at some point earlier in the year, but it’s worth reinforcing a few situations one more time.  The Vikings scored a Safety but you should definitely have that covered in your rules now since it has happened several times in earlier weeks.

There were several Blocked Field Goals this week, and one resulted in a Blocked FG TD when Ray McDonald of the 49ers blocked it and then Donald Strickland of the 49ers recovered it and returned it for the TD.  Note that, as happened last week, one player can get credit for the block and a different player can get credit for the Blocked FG TD.  You can also penalize the kicker with the “Field Goals Had Blocked” rule if you want to award negative points for having a kick blocked in a situation like this.  Be aware that a blocked field goal is also considered to be a missed field goal, so you may already be penalizing the kicker enough if you give negative points for misses anyway.

Then there were not one but two Blocked Punt TDs this week.  One was in Overtime and resulted in the game winning touchdown when Sean Morey of the Cardinals blocked the punt and Monty Biesel picked it up and fell into the end zone.

So I think we’ve covered most every type of “Strange Play” here in the first 6 weeks of the NFL season, and we’ll continue to list them all in the “Help > Strange Plays” menu item in your league each week.  Starting next week, we’ll focus on other scoring rules and situations that you should be aware of, as well as unique scoring situations and new rules that we’ve recently made available.


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