Two Point Conversion Stats

There was one successful two-point conversion this weekend, when Derek Anderson threw a pass to Braylon Edwards after their last touchdown in the fourth quarter. For the record, this “event” is recorded as a successful passing 2-point conversion, and nothing else as far as the stats concerned. The Quarterback does not get credited with an extra completion or any passing yardage, and the receiver does not receive credit for a reception or for the 2 yards of receiving on the play. The same holds true for a successful rushing 2-point conversion. The player that runs it in does not receive 2 extra rushing yards in their stats for the game.

The bottom line is that a conversion is either successful or it fails. Even if the defense intercepts a 2-point passing attempt, they cannot advance it and return it the other way for their own points. The play is declared dead as soon as the rush or pass attempt is stopped.

To accommodate this from a fantasy perspective, we have rules for your Team Defense or Special Teams position, including “Successful 2-Point Conversions” and “Failed 2-Point Conversions“.  For individual player positions, such QB’s and RB’s and WR’s, we have rules for each type of conversion play, including “Passing 2 Pointers” and “Rushing 2 Pointers” and “Receiving 2 Pointers” in case you want to assign different point values to each type.

You can review the complete set of rules available for your league to use on this page.


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