Trade Deadline

While trades in the NFL are not nearly as prominent as they are in the MLB or NBA, the NFL Trade Deadline can still produce a little bit of drama. The NFL trade deadline was yesterday. There were rumors aplenty surrounding players such as TE Tony Gonzalez. But in the end, the only significant trade was WR Roy Williams being sent to the Cowboys in exchange for a 1st, 2nd, and 6th round pick in 2009…

In fantasy football, there isn’t a predetermined trade deadline. Some fantasy football leagues don’t even allow trades at all. On, we give you the option of how to handle trades. You can use weekly trade windows, or allow trading all the time. And you can also specify a trade deadline as needed. All of this can be done from the “For Commissioners > Setup > League Calendar Setup” screen.

You can also use the “For Commissioners > Setup > Trades Setup” screen to specify various other trade options. There are 3 main ways to handle trades. Most leagues just allow trades to be approved and processed immediately after one owner proposes a trade and the other owner agrees to it. Another option is to require commissioner approval of all trades. With this option, after the 2nd owner accepts a trade, it is up to the commissioner to approve it before it is processed. The final option is to have all of the league owners vote on the trade before it is approved.

Trades are a fun part of fantasy football leagues. Even though they can lead to “collusion” and/or hard feelings among owners when lopsided trades are made, it is still just part of the game for most leagues. Be sure to explore the above options to find the best fit for your league as far as allowing and encouraging trades between owners throughout the season!



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