Weekly Matchup Chart

We’ve added another new chart for your viewing pleasure.  This one charts your scoring over the course of the weekend, with an updated comparison after each set of games.  So on a typical week, you’ll see a chart showing how your score compared to your fantasy opponent after the early games on Sunday, and then after the late afternoon game, and then after the Sunday night game, and finally after the Monday night game.  It’s a great way to see how your fantasy team fared throughout the day on Sunday and if/when there were any lead changes in your fantasy matchup.  You can view this new chart on the “Reports > Franchise > Fantasy Recaps” screen.  See an example below:

Matchup Chart Example
Matchup Chart Example

This example shows how the team named “Last Place” in blue was behind his opponent named “Snakebit” in yellow all day on Sunday, and then it shows how they pulled out the win on Monday night.  Talk about the agony of defeat!  When you view this chart in combination with your Fantasy Recap report along with the corresponding table of individual player scores that shows up on that report, it gives you a great summary of exactly how your fantasy team performed this week.  Hopefully it will generate some good trash talking and bragging rights for your owners!  As with other charts that we’ve introduced, you can move the mouse over the individual data points to view a pop-up hint with more details.  In this case, you can mouse over a data point to see the actual score for each team at each point during the day.


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6 Responses to “Weekly Matchup Chart”

  1. UCanCallMeMitch Says:

    Like this chart a lot. What’s the chances of adding an optionto team it up with the Recaps? I for one would like to see it with the Highlighted Game at least.

  2. UCanCallMeMitch Says:

    Well duh! I see that its already there when one clicks on “View All Recaps”. Then, how about putting putting it at the bottom of the Highlighted Game when utilizing the Module on the HomePage?

  3. Joe Harris Says:

    Any chance this will be added as a home page module like some of the other charts you have recently added?

  4. myfantasyleague Says:

    Yes, a Home Page Module of this chart will be available soon!

  5. john Says:

    My league uses a “home field advantage” rule that adds 3 points to that game’s “home team”. This is not added into the graph, so, for example, the teams that tied 13-13 (low scoring!!!) shows up on the graph as 10-13.

  6. Weekly Matchup Chart Home Page Module « MyFantasyLeague.com Says:

    […] Matchup Chart Home Page Module Last week we introduced the new Weekly Matchup Chart on the Fantasy Recap report. Now we’ve also included an option for you to include that chart as a Home Page […]

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