Projected Scores

Another fun report you can use for trash talking and pondering your fantasy football fate even before the games start each week is found on the “Reports > Franchise > Projected Scores” screen.  This report will show the projected scores for each player for the upcoming week after a lineup is submitted by an owner.   So you can check it out after you submit your lineup to see how your starting lineup decisions compare to the Fantasy Sharks Lineup Coach, which is what is used to generate these projected scores.

Basically, what the system does is take your league’s scoring system and applies it to the weekly stat projections that Fantasy Sharks provides.  That allows it to calculate a projected score for each player on your roster, and then a projected score for your fantasy team based on your lineup.  It’s a great way to get a feel for how well your team should perform this week, and also a great way to compare your team to your opponent.

Bonus:  This week we’ve updated the report to include bench players as well as starters, so now you can quickly see if is predicting better scores for your bench players!  If yes, then you may want to dig deeper into your lineup decisions to see if you agree with their predictions.  Of course, it is all based on projections, so there aren’t any guarantees.  It’s intended for fun and enjoyment, but the guys at Fantasy Sharks do a great job with their weekly projected stats, so you’ll probably get a kick of out this report if you haven’t seen it yet.  Enjoy!



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