Free Mid-Season Leagues

Can you believe we’re already approaching the midway point of the fantasy football season? Hopefully your team is still at or above .500 and doing well. But if not, we have a “second chance” opportunity for you. We’ve announced our FREE mid-season fantasy football league service. Click on the link for more details and to create your own league.

You can use the mid-season league to gather a bunch of your friends or co-workers and start a new league just like your old one. Or you can try a new league format if you want to experiment with other ideas for the 2nd half of the season. We offer various types of leagues:

Draft or Auction Leagues – You can conduct a draft, either live on-line or via email over the course of several days, or conduct an Ebay style auction, and then run the league as desired for the 2nd half of the season…

Head to Head – You can create your own weekly schedule, including double or triple headers if you want to squeeze more games into the shortened season.

Total Points – If the season is too short for your tastes to create a schedule, yo can just use the Total Points format to tally up the weekly points.

All Play – Another popular format is to have every team play against every other team each week. So if there are 10 teams in your league, the team with the highest weekly score will be 9-0 for that week, and the team with the 2nd highest score will be 8-1, and so on down to the worst scoring team which will be 0-9 for that week.

Best Lineup – Generally, fantasy football leagues require each owner to submit a starting lineup each week. For example, if the roster size is 16 players, they have to choose 8 of those 16 players to start. But we also have an option to automatically choose the best lineup each week. It’s a good option if you want to focus on the draft and then just let the season play out without having to worry about roster decisions and lineup changes each week.

No Draft or Rosters – You can also choose a “Tournament Style” format, where there is no draft and teams don’t have a roster. Instead, each owner selects a starting lineup from the entire pool of players each week. It’s a great option for a “no hassle” league if you don’t have time to organize a draft, and you just want to give every owner a chance to pick an awesome lineup each week. If you don’t want a totally “free-for-all” format, then there are options to make it harder and avoid duplicate lineups, such as the “Start ‘Em Once” format where each owner can select any lineup, but they can only use each player once per season. So if they start Brett Favre in Week 8, then they can’t use him at all for the remaining weeks.

The bottom line is that we have tons of options to allow you to run an exciting league for the 2nd half of the season, and it’s totally free. And of course, if you’re using a system other than for your regular league, this is also a great opportunity to see what we have to offer compared to what you are currently using, with no obligation or commitment!


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