Strange Plays for Week 7

Just when you think it can’t get any more unusual, the NFL comes up with a fun-filled game like the Bears 48 to 41 point victory over the Vikings on Sunday.  This one game alone had more strange plays than some entire weeks!  So we’ll take you through the 3 most unusual touchdowns of this game…

In the first quarter, the Bears scored after a Blocked Punt. This type of TD has happened several times already this year, so you should have this rule set up properly for your league now. If not, make sure you have the “Blocked Punt TD” rule created in your league. Note that this type of TD is also included as part of the “Number of Defensive and Special Teams TDs” rule, so you don’t need to add a separate rule for Blocked Punt TDs if you already have the all encompassing rule.

In the second quarter, the Bears scored after they punted the ball away and a player on the Vikings accidentally made contact with the ball near the goal line while trying to block another player.  The is generally referred to as a “muffed punt”.  In any case, the ball was “live” after the Vikings inadvertently touched it.  Then Zackary Bowman of the Bears recovered the ball in the end zone for a touchdown.  This type of TD is scored as a “Defensive Fumble Recovery TD“. Be aware that there isn’t a separate rule available for a “Special Teams Fumble Recovery TD” since the NFL doesn’t differentiate fumble recovery TDs that way. Therefore, if your league really wants this TD to be scored differently than any other Defensive Fumble Recovery TD, your best option would be to use the “Setup > Adjust Scores And Standings > Player Score Adjuster” screen to add the fantasy points to the Bears Special Teams position as needed.  We’ll talk more in a future post about the various reasons that separating Team Defense and Special Teams is generally not recommended, and this is one of those reasons… The NFL doesn’t track TD stats separately, so the notion of a “Special Teams” position is really a fantasy football concept rather than an NFL concept.

In the third quarter, the Bears scored after TE Desmond Clark caught a pass from Kyle Orton. He ran it all the way down the field for a score, but came up just short and fumbled it at the 1 yard line. Then WR Rashied Davis of the Bears alertly fell on the ball in the end zone for a 0 yard “Offensive Fumble Recovery TD“. This is the first time a touchdown this type has occurred thus far in 2008, so if you want Davis to receive points for this TD, you’ll need to make sure the rule for “Number of Offensive Fumble Recovery TDs” or the rule called “Length of Offensive Fumble Recovery TD” is added to your league’s rules as needed for each position.  Since there was never a change of possession, this type of TD is not considered to be a TD by the defense.  Instead, it is an offensive touchdown, but not a standard passing or rushing TD.


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