One aspect that we feel really sets us apart from other fantasy football league management systems is the ability to customize the appearance of your league.  We basically have a completely open system that allows you to “skin” your league by applying your own custom HTML and CSS code to your league pages.  We’ll talk about various examples of this customization in the future, but for now we’ll focus on the wide variety of pre-made designs available for you to use.  We have two options to choose from:  Templates and Skins.  You can use the “For Commissioners > Setup > Appearance Setup” screen to access these options.

Templates allow you to apply both a default appearance and a default layout to your league.  They’re basically an all encompassing “look” to your league.  Just set it and forget it, and you’ll have a very clean looking site with all of the most common reports and screens just a click away on the vertical or horizontal menu items.  There are 4 different Templates you can choose from. We’ll talk about Templates more in the future.

Halloween Skin

Halloween Skin

Skins allow you to apply a default appearance to your league.  We have about 50 different skins that you can choose from, or you can create your own skin if you are familiar with CSS.  Note that Skins and Templates are not able to be used together, so you’ll need to select “None” for the Template in order to use one of the available Skins.

Fright Skin

Fright Skin

We have various different holiday themed skins available for you to select, so be sure to take a look at our “Halloween” skin and our “Fright” skin, both of which are very appropriate for this time of year!


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