Monday Report

We’ve added a new home page module called the “Monday Report” that gives you a quick overview of the fantasy games in your league that are still to be decided.  It will list each matchup on the left, with a list of players that still have to play in the Monday night game for each fantasy team.  In addition, it will show the projected points for each of the players in the Monday night game.  So if your team is losing after the Sunday night game, you can use this report to get a quick feel for your chances!  If you are ahead going into the Monday night game, you can use it to figure out how much you have to sweat it out.  And since some leagues award negative points for things like fumbles and interceptions, you may have to worry about negative scoring events even if you are in the lead and your opponent doesn’t have any players remaining.

To add this home page module to your league, you can use the “For Commissioners > Setup > Appearance Setup > Home Page Modules and Tabs Setup” screen.  Note that this module won’t show anything from Tuesday through Sunday since it is only useful on Mondays.  Many thanks to “habman” and the rest of our active community of commissioners that have helped develop and inspire ideas like this one over the years in our community support forum.


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5 Responses to “Monday Report”

  1. onei0087 Says:

    This is great, standardize all of Habmans Apps and their will be a great deal more happy owners. Great work MFL, this is a welcome addition to any league.

  2. bonscott Says:

    Agreed. Habman’s apps really take MFL over the top. I think the top 2 that need to be looked at closely for incorporation as a standard MFL module are the “What if the playoffs started today” and the new “Overview” app. Both are much needed enhancements of MFL.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

    One think I do think MFL should do is looking at getting more “Web 2.0” before we move on to web 3.0. 😉 LOL The charts are a good step in this direction.

  3. Sand Farnia Says:

    Hi I have a question regarding the customization of the homepage modules. Is there any way to reset the module not to the system default but to the commissioner default? I am a commissioner in one league and I convinced the commissioner of my other league to switch to this site. In the 2nd league where I am not a commish, I customized my page but decided to reset it to the commish default but instead it just reset my homepage to system default. I could not find a shortcut back to commish default. I looked for this option in my own league and still could not find it. I would appreciate a response.

  4. smithktff Says:

    @ Sand Farnia

    Go to you home page setup screen. Remove ALL the modules and save. This will reset your view to that of the commish.

  5. Sand Farnia Says:

    Hey thanks, that worked~!

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