Letting Owners Declare Keepers

One of the features that we’re hoping to add to the site sometime this off-season is to allow owners to declare their keepers on their own, without intervention by their commissioner. To that end, we need a better understanding of exactly how our customers handle their keepers. So, if your league has keepers, and would benefit from having us let owners declare their keepers on their own on your league pages, please submit a support ticket to us (via the “Help > Help Center” page available from all league pages), and let us know the following.

  1. How many keepers does each owner have? Do all owners have the same number, or can it vary by owner?
  2. When is the deadline for declaring your keepers?
  3. What do owners have to give up for their keepers? Just their first x rounds of draft picks in the following year? Or is there some formula applied to know what they should give up?
  4. Any/all other rules related to keepers that you think are relevant here.

And with any luck, we’ll be able to add some additional functionality to the site here shortly to allow owners to declare keepers on their own, allowing you to automate your league that much more!



4 Responses to “Letting Owners Declare Keepers”

  1. braven112 Says:

    Nice, I’m really looking forward this!

  2. auntcandy Says:

    This sounds like a great idea especially since our league will be moving to a Keeper style league next year. Whatever helps to make things easier for the Commish and the league.

  3. myfantasyleague Says:

    Check out the new “for commissioners > setup > players and rosters > keepers setup” option, and let us know if that helps you with your league!

  4. DC united Says:

    We have been a keeper league for about 5 years. We have twelve teams and two keepers. Declaration of keepers are done two weeks before the draft which usually occurs the weekend prior to the first NFL game. This is done to avoid injury issues

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