Like Kissing Your Sister

The NFL had a few unusual games this week.  First and foremost, the first NFL tie game in 6 years occurred when neither the Eagles nor Bengals could muster field position that was good enough to score a field goal, much less a TD, during their 15 minute overtime period.  Now we know why there is that third column in the NFL standings that always seemed to contain zeros.  It’s there to indicate tie games, even if they only happen about once a decade!  From a fantasy perspective, there isn’t a whole lot of impact, except that if you award points to your head coach or your Team Defense for winning their NFL game, then neither team will get those points, because neither team won.

There are also implications for NFL Survivor Pool or NFL Confidence Pool picks in your league this week.   Again, since neither team won the game, you will not advance in your Survivor Pool if you selected the Eagles or Bengals, and since neither team won the game, you will not get your points in a Confidence Pool for selecting the Eagles or Bengals to win.

The other game with extra interest from both the fantasy and NFL perspective involved the Chargers and Steelers.  From the NFL side of things, there has never been an NFL game that ended with a score of 11-10.  And there have been nearly 13,000 NFL games played!  From a fantasy perspective, it was really bizarre because the last play of the game resulted in a defensive TD for the Steelers, but it was overruled because of an “illegal forward pass” penalty that admittedly was not a forward pass.  According to, “After the game, referee Scott Green said the officials realized afterward the touchdown should have counted, though it wouldn’t have affected the result.”  So if you have the Steelers Team Defense, and you needed that defensive TD for your fantasy team, you might be less than pleased today…  But the score will stand, so don’t expect any stat changes later in the week to award the defensive TD and change the NFL score.



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