More New Skins

Hunting Skin

Hunting Skin

It’s been a while since we added some new “skins” to our growing list, so we’re happy to announce a few new ones.  First, we have a seasonal entry with the Hunting Skin.  A lot of you will surely be heading out to the woods this month to enjoy some hunting.  Your commissioner can use the “For Commissioners > Setup > Appearance Setup > Select a Skin” menu item to select this new skin for your league if you and your leaguemates want to get psyched up for your hunting trip.

Fishing Skin

Fishing Skin

On a similar theme, we’ve also added a Fishing Skin for those of you that are into angling.  Note that if your commissioners has allowed it, each individual owner can also choose their own skin by using the “For Owners > Franchise Setup” menu item.   From that screen, you can click on the “Skin” link at the top of that screen.

We also added a new Archery Skin and a Racing Skin to round out our sport-themed additions to our skin library this month.  Next month we plan to add more skins, so we are looking for suggestions and ideas from our customers to help guide us on what themes we should add.  Please add a comment to this blog post, or use the “Help > Help Center” screen in your league to submit a suggestion for a skin that you would like to see added to in December.  We’ll take suggestions for the rest of November and then put it to a vote to pick the best suggestions!


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