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As noted earlier this week, we conducted our customer survey to get your feedback.  We appreciate all of your opinions and comments, and we’ll be digesting the information over the course of the next few months to help make MyFantasyLeague.com a better product in 2009.

Now you can conduct your own survey within your league by using the League Poll function to conduct a poll.  This is a great option to use if your league is considering new rules for next season or if you want to get a feel for how your owners liked certain aspects of your league. You can also use the polls to pose silly questions or non-fantasy football related questions each week to keep the league interesting as well.

To create a poll, just use the “Communications > League Polls” menu item.  From that screen, you can view all previous polls, or click on the link to Create a New Poll.  You just type the question along with the possible answers, and then you are all set.  There are  various options, such as putting a deadline on the poll and hiding the answers until after the deadline.  You can also make a poll be multiple choice and allow more than one answer.  There is a short cut to make all of the Franchise Names become poll answers, which is great when asking questions like “which franchise will…”

After you create a poll, your team owners can use the “Communications > League Polls” menu item to view it and to cast their vote.  Better yet, you can use the “For Commissioners > Setup > Appearance Setup > Home Page Modules and Tabs Setup” screen to add the Newest League Poll home page module to your league home page.  That way everybody will see the poll each time they visit your league, and they’ll be more likely to view it and cast their vote.

There is also a Newest Commissioner’s Poll home page module to highlight the most recent poll that was created by the commissioner.  You can choose whether or not to allow owners as well as the commissioner to create polls for your league.

Have fun at the polls!  Be sure to use the league poll function to ask your owners questions about rules or anything else that you need answered here before the season ends.


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