We don’t have an offseason!

Now that the NFL season is really almost over, it’s time to start thinking about your 2009 fantasy football league!  Here at MyFantasyLeague.com, we are open and accessible all year round, so we don’t really have an offseason.

If you are part of a dynasty league that is hosted on mfl, then you can continue to use it throughout the year, even before and after the Superbowl when most other fantasy football sites shut down for several months.  You can continue to make trades and transactions, and you can use the message boards and polls and other features to keep in touch with your league as needed.

If your league is a more traditional redraft or keeper league that takes a break anyway, then you can rest assured that your league will be accessible throughout the “offseason” in case you ever need to refer back to anything for historical purposes.

No matter what type of league you have, shortly after the Superbowl, we’ll introduce our 2009 leagues and allow you to upgrade your league to the new season so you can start setting up your draft and other info for the 2009 season.  Watch for more details on that here in this space very soon.  In the meantime, as we do every offseason, we’ll continue to pour through your feedback and comments from our end of season survey to help guide us as we add new features and improvements. Keep that feedback coming, and we look forward to serving your league again in 2009!



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