Best Fantasy Commissioner Product Award!

Best Fantasy Commissioner Award

Best Fantasy Commissioner Award

We are very happy and excited to announce that won the award for Best Fantasy Commissioner Product, as announced by the FSTA at their winter conference in Florida this week.  You can find more details about this award and all of the other awards that were handed out as part of their annual industry recognition awards here on the FSTA web site.

The nominees in the category included industry veterans CBS Sports, ESPN, Fanball, and RT Sports, so it was a full field of very worthy commissioner products.  CBS has won the award each year in the past since its inception, so we are the first company to dethrone them. You can bet we will be working hard to make sure we earn it again for 2009!  Thanks to all of our peers in the industry that voted for, and a special thanks to all of our customers that have helped us make it fun and exciting to keep innovating and creating the best commissioner product that we can each season.  We’d also like to congratulate all of the other nominees in this category, as well as the winners and nominees in all of the other categories as well.  The fantasy sports industry is doing a great job of creating awesome products for fantasy fans and players throughout the season.

We also took home the award for the Best Print Ad as well, so our thanks go out to Greg at Sortis Marketing for coming up with the excellent ad concept for us!

Other notable award winning products include Mock Draft Central, which we have worked with in the past few seasons to integrate their draft results with our leagues for those that want to use both products.  Also, won the award for best specialty product and for best new innovation.  We integrated their service with this past season, and look forward to working with them in the future as well.


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One Response to “Best Fantasy Commissioner Product Award!”

  1. Bob Andrews Says:

    As I posted on the MFL customer to customer support site:

    The awards won by MFL is very richly deserved. You may find some feature done better on one specific site, or another feature done better at one other place, but in total nobody has the feature set found here. Nobody gives the support the MFL guys (and that’s done with plain hard work) and nobody works as consistently to tweak and prod their product to make it more convenient and flexible. Congratulations!

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