Fantasy Football Trophies

Now that the Superbowl champion has been crowned and the Lombardi Trophy has been awarded, it’s time to start thinking about a trophy for your fantasy football league!  There are lots of options for you to consider, and we were lucky enough to see a ton of trophies on display at the FSTA Conference in Florida last week.  There were three different companies represented and showcasing their products, so we wanted to pass along the details in case you are in the market for a league trophy (as you should be if you don’t have one for your league yet!  😉 )

The first company can be found at  They’ve been in business for 10 years and offer a very wide selection of different types of trophies at various different price points.  Craig from brought along about 10 different types of trophies, and he talked about their update service which allows you to get a new faceplate with the latest winner added each year.  Very cool.

The second company can be found at  They differentiate themselves with a very unique, handmade product that starts with their own custom molds.  You can read all about the process on their blog.  Dave also brought along about 10 different trophies for display at the conference.  They even have a “toilet bowl” mold for those leagues that want to award the worst team in the league!

Titlecraft is the third company.  They are relatively new, and can be found at  They specialize in completely customizable, handmade trophies.  Check out their web site for a video of the full story and then you can start designing your own custom trophy.

I can tell you that all three of the companies are very legitimate and their products were gorgeous up close and in person.  You won’t be disappointed if your league chooses any of the options that they offer.



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