Franchise Owner Home Page Customization

One of the most popular features of is the flexibility of the league home page.  The commissioner can choose any template or skin to apply to the home page, and can select any type of arrangement for the home page by moving modules around the page and adding tabs to arrange the various home page modules as needed.  In addition, franchise owners can also choose their own home page layout if they don’t like the way the commissioner set up the league.  Each owner can use the “For Owners > Franchise Setup” menu item to select their own skin and/or to select their own Home Page Layout.

Sometimes, though, an owner can get carried away and change the page so much that he or she would prefer to go back to the way it was.  Now each owner can do that with a quick click of the mouse.  There is a new option on the “For Owners > Franchise Setup > Home Page” setup screen called “Reset to Commish View” that will remove all of the owner customizations and revert the league appearance to the way the commissioner has it configured.  This new option is in addition to the previous option called “Reset to System Default“, which removes all of the owner customizations and reverts the league back to the default layout of a brand new league.

So if you are an owner in a league on, feel free to get carried away with the Home Page Setup and experiment with all of the different home page modules available to you.  Be sure to use the “Preview Module” link in the lower left of the Home Page Modules and Tabs setup screen to check out each module in more detail.  Then add the ones you want to see on your home page.  And if you ever get lost or create too much clutter on your home page, you can quickly start over with the default system layout or with the commissioner’s layout.  Enjoy!


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